Theresa Zitkus

Theresa is Manager-in-Charge of day-to-day operations of Lender Solutions, Inc. and has owned the Company since 2004. Prior to Lender Solutions, Theresa worked many years performing high-risk, complex field collateral examinations and five years as a manager of the field audit department for the largest Michigan-based financial institution.

As an Audit Manager, Theresa has developed new approaches to scheduling and performing audits to maximize effectiveness while minimizing negative customer impact. As a Professional Examiner, Theresa has extensive experience in all phases of collateral evaluations, including asset based lending facilities, contractor audits, mortgage warehousing and leasing lines of credit, and workout loans.

Prior to her career as a field examiner, Theresa was assigned to several commercial loan groups and provided administrative support to the loan officers during the credit approval process.

Theresa holds a Bachelor of Accountancy degree from Davenport University and has earned several Commercial Finance Association certificates. Theresa also taught accounting as a part-time instructor for 12 years for the Center for Banking Education. She was responsible for providing the beginning accounting student with a basic knowledge of accounting concepts, principles and methodology.

Beth A. Matelic, MBA

Beth is a Senior Field Examiner/Business Valuation Consultant with Lender Solutions, Inc. Her 20+ years experience in the financial services industry includes positions as a Senior Valuation Consultant and a Senior Analyst. As a Professional Examiner, Beth is involved in all phases of collateral evaluations, including asset based lending facilities, medical receivables, lease facilities, and workout collateral reviews.

Prior to joining Lender Solutions in 2004, Beth was a Senior Valuation Consultant with a local public accounting firm. In this position, Beth consulted and prepared reports on property settlements in marital dissolution litigation; valuations of closely held companies for estate tax planning; leveraged buyouts; and buy/sell agreements.

During her position as a Senior Analyst with a nationwide brokerage firm, Beth was responsible for the analysis and recommendation of suitable, creditworthy investments for the firm’s mutual funds portfolio.

Beth holds an MBA and Bachelors of Arts (with a concentration in Accounting and Finance) from Wayne State University.

James A. Dane, MS

Jim is a Manager/Supervisor of Field Audit Services at Lender Solutions, Inc. His 25+ years in the banking industry includes 20 years in asset based and formula based lending. His experience includes performing collateral examinations and 12 years managing field audit operations and collateral evaluation departments at two of the Detroit’s largest regional banks.

In these positions, Jim developed procedures for auditing and analyzing the collateral position of commercial loan customers. He has experience in all phases of collateral evaluations, including asset based lending facilities, formula based lending facilities, contractor audits, floor plan audits, mortgage warehousing, and workout loans.

Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with an accounting major, from Central Michigan University. He also holds a Master of Science in Finance from Walsh College.

James R. Zitkus

Jimmy joined Lender Solutions as a Field Examiner in May 2014 after graduating from Davenport University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. He began his career with Lender Solutions and was a junior examiner for two years training and learning the job responsibilities to be an accomplished Collateral Field Examiner. Jimmy has taken his book knowledge and transferred it into work knowledge. The transition has worked to the advantage of Lender Solutions, and he has mastered the skills in providing the service and generating reports which address the needs of our customers. Jimmy has received considerable exposure to various industries, including service providers, various types of manufacturing, wholesale/distribution, and transportation.

Robert J. Zitkus

Bob has been with Lender Solutions since its inception. Bob earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Lawrence Institute of Technology. Today he uses his engineering background to support inventory and operational analysis for our clients. Before joining Lender Solutions, Bob spent 15 years as a mechanical engineer with Detroit’s Big 3 OEM’s. Bob assists the Examiner team on collateral field and consulting engagements and is instrumental in inventory controls and management.

Anne Sheppard

Anne joined Lender Solutions in September 2019 as a Field Examiner. Anne brings with her several years of experience concentrated in the property management/construction industry. Throughout her 16 year career, she was responsible for managing the accounting operations for multiple properties and construction projects. In her most recent position as Vice President of a prominent metro Detroit property group, she also was actively involved in new business acquisition, government compliance, annual goals, and the overall growth of the region.

Anne is highly proficient in Microsoft software products and maintains exemplary communication (written and verbal) skills.

Anne holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with a Finance major, from Oakland University. She is also a licensed real estate broker in the State of Michigan.

Arthur Fritz

Art Fritz is a Senior Field Examiner at Lender Solutions and has been with Lender Solutions for ten years. Art is responsible for performing all levels of collateral field exams and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI.

His first experience in lending came from a four-year stint in the collateral valuation department of a Michigan chartered Savings and Loan institution. He later spent 15+ years as a corporate accountant and controller, therefore, much of his business experience comes from the client side of the desk. Art also worked for four years as an accounting consultant for small businesses.

Art holds a Bachelor of Science – Accounting Emphasis from Palm Beach Atlantic University of West Palm Beach, Florida.