Lender Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2004 to service the growing need of lending
institutions in providing out-sourced collateral evaluations.

As the lending industry becomes more competitive and credit structures become more complex, the need for accurate and timely information is crucial. The current volatile marketplace requires that asset based lenders rely heavily on collateral examiners to protect their interests. Unfortunately, retaining competent experienced examiners has become more increasingly difficult for many lending institutions. Lender Solutions can be used as either a supplement to an existing staff or a primary provider of audit services.

Our management team has over 60 years of combined experienced in the specialized field of collateral evaluations. Our team has the experience to be the best in the industry and provide more than routine evaluations. Information is gathered to assess credit worthiness, as well as, provide necessary information and documentation to lenders in aiding credit making decisions. Our examiners view the borrower’s collateral from the lender’s perspective. Our many years of training and experience provide the expertise needed to identify potential and existing collateral concerns and aid in the detection and irregularities regarding the company’s collateral.

Lender Solutions provides lenders with collateral evaluations including, Survey and recurring ABL and non-ABL Audits, Contractor-Based Audits, Workout Audits and Leasing & Mortgage Warehouse Audits.

All reports issued by Lender Solutions will include conclusions and recommendations. The reports are designed to encompass both charts and tables for information at a glance and narrative text for a more in-depth analysis of the facts.

Lender Solutions was founded to serve
lenders in making informed credit
decisions and provides lenders with the following:

  • Professionals with extensive collateral evaluation experience to
  • perform a variety of different types of audits or reviews.
  • A narrative-style report with charts and tables for both in-depth
    reading or at a glance reading audits on either a customized
    Lender Solutions format or the lending institution’s format.
  • Immediate feedback regarding audit results, especially on troubled credits.
  • Quick turnaround on reporting to avoid stale report information.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Quality, efficient, and timely collateral evaluation reports.